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As we do every Sunday, today we present the most exciting videos from the world of additive manufacturing in the top 5 videos of the week. That’s because 3D printing is now present in a wide variety of sectors with a multitude of applications. Find out how much a 3D-printed house costs, how medical models are made using 3D printing, and how Stratasys equipment can complement CNC manufacturing. In addition find out more about the use of AM for energy transition and don’t miss the replay of our latest webinar. Let us know which one is your favorite! Happy Sunday and happy watching!

Top 1: A Closer Look at 3D Printed Houses

Additive manufacturing is said to be able to build houses faster, more efficiently and cheaper than traditional construction methods. In the next video, you’ll see existing 3D-printed homes, the pros and cons of using 3D printing for construction, and which 3D printing companies are behind the creation of the buildings. You’ll also learn what kind of budget to expect with 3D printed construction. Are 3D printed homes the future of home construction? Watch the video to find out!

Top 2: Using a 3D Printer for Medical Models

Thanks to automation, innovation and digitization, the Shapeways digital manufacturing platform offers customers access to high-quality production of their projects. The medical sector also benefits from the precision of Shapeways technology and uses it to manufacture high-quality medical models. The following video explains why additive manufacturing is particularly well suited for the production of these and which applications can now be realized in 3D printing.

Top 3: 3D Printed Soft Jaws from Stratasys

To help East/West Industries reduce the strain on its CNC capabilities, the company integrated the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D printer into its production process. In the video, the team at East/West Industries explains the benefits that could be generated with 3D printing and what the technology is particularly well suited for compared to CNC milling. The application example of 3D-printed jaws serves as an illustration. Why the device from Stratasys is suitable for the implementation of these, see for yourself in the video below.

Top 4: The Importance of AM for Energy Transition

Additive manufacturing is a key technology for Baker Hughes. With 3D printing they are innovating their products and factories. At Baker Hughes they are looking for novel design concepts that increase the performance of their engines and reduce their environmental impact. Thanks to additive manufacturing, design freedom has greatly improved and complex geometries are no longer a problem. AM technology is offering flexibility and cost reduction in gas turbine design. Now, they are using this technology to create new gas turbines that burn environmentally friendly fuels because there is no hydrogen leakage in their processes. In the following video, they show us parts developed for these specific applications in the field of energy and that provide us with a longer service life.

Top 5: Breaking Boundaries with Pellet 3D Printing

In our latest 3Dnatives webinar, we were joined by Tumaker and EMPA to learn more about pellet 3D printing. In the session, we not only learned how pellet 3D printing worked but also its advantages, especially when moving to more industrial AM, as it allows for a wider range of technical materials at a lower cost and with more flexibility than printing with filaments. We also took a closer look at what industries are using pellet 3D printing as well as application cases from EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), notably in the domaine of soft robotics. Watch the replay in the video below!